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The Big 6

The Big 6 / The Super 3

Our LNSD uses The Big 6 & The Super 3 research models for K-12 inquiry. These are thinking strategies for chunking the research process into manageable bites. Designed by Mike Eisenberg and Bob Berkowitz, these steps provide students with a path to success with any inquiry project.

The Big 6 Research Process -

Upper Elementary Students

The Super 3 Research Process -

Primary Elementary Students

Visit the RESOURCES page for safe, high quality, and accurate sources.

The Big 6 Project:

Create your own poster of The Big 6 steps.

Each step should have:

    • Title and number of the step
    • Image that defines the step
    • Tips, questions or notes that help explain the step and / or reminds you what to do at this step.

View Mrs. Bryce's images here to get you started....[Google Slides]