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Use our World Book Online Encyclopedia for trustworthy and engaging resources for use on the go, at home, in classroom or in the library. This online encyclopedia is constantly updated and is used in place of a print set. [passwords linked in the Google Doc linked on the upper right of this page, or see Mrs. Bryce]

Vermont's premier source for research. A curated collection of online information resources covering a broad range of subjects. Made available at no cost compliments of the Vermont Department of Libraries.

These are the best nonfiction resources we have in our school to support the curriculum. Purchased in 2017 and 2018 we now have over $3000 invested in this amazing resource. To search what we have and to use the Lightbox Interactive Books via our Destiny Discover shelf, please use the shared password in the document above. These resources can be accessed by multiple users at the same time without the need for the text. See Mrs. Bryce for a demo if necessary.

To borrow e-books, you will need a unique username and password, which Mrs. Bryce can issue you. Please do not borrow e-books under the shared account.




Be sure to evaluate the websites you use on the Internet.

Don't fall into a TRAAP on the wild web. Use these quality resources liked here. They are:






World Geography Links

World Fact Book by the Central Intelligence Agency

Smithsonian Geographic Resources

Geography from Space Challenge


Copyright Friendly Image Resources

Photos for Class

Search for your image, results contain Creative Commons images and citations [attribution] once downloaded, in a watermark on the image. Not when you copy/paste. Do it correctly. Cite your sources!

1. Select image. Download into your Google Drive or document.



Giving Credit, Where Credit is Due

Photos For Class makes it as easy as possible to properly attribute photos, especially for printed or presented materials so that there is no worry about plagiarism or stolen work.

How we Cite

When you click download we automatically generate a watermarked image that contains

  • The name of the author
  • The name of the photo
  • A link to the original photo
  • The name and type of license along with a link to read it


Pics 4 Learning


Search for your image. Once you select the image, you will see a "save to Google Drive" option. Decline the cookie pop-up, you do not have to allow.