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Mrs. Bryce has collected the research standards that are embedded in the CCSS, and identified the Library Skills required by each standard by grade level from Kindergarten through grade 6. This provides the basis of my research instruction.


Teachers have found this document useful to outline the specific research requirement and instructional needs for each grade level. This also opens the door to collaboration between teacher and librarian during inquiry projects.


Library Research Skill Instruction by Grade and CCSS

Permission is granted to view only. If you would like to download this document, please request permission from Mrs. Bryce, and provide a proper citation. This document was created by Mrs. Bryce as part of a professional goal.


See additional pages: Resources, The Big 6 and Citation for more research tips.

Website Evaluation

What strategies do you use?

5W's - Who? What? Where? When? Why?

S. T. A.A..R - Slant, Topical/Timely, Authority, Accuracy, Relevance?

C. A. R. S. - Credibility, Accuracy, Reasonableness, Support

Websites for students to evaluate

  1. Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide
  2. Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide - less text
  3. The Tree Octopus
  4. History of the Fisher Price Airplane
  5. Moonbeam Enterprises
  6. Google's Pigeon Ranking System
  7. The Dog Island
  8. Visit Frederiction
  9. The White House