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Poetry Fun

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Type in your poem here so Mrs. Bryce can print it off for one of the leaves for our poetry tree.


Your poem can be found online or in a book, or you can write one of your own. If you are not the creator, please cite your author and website or book.


Remember to look for metaphors or similes!

Poetry Fun

April is National Poetry Month! Poetry can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, even inside of a minute. Please find some wonderful poetry websites to explore and to inspire our readers and writers at WES. I believe that poetry is the purest form of word play

Poetry Vocabulary












Poetry Exploration

Poetry 4 Kids [Great help for writing poetry]

Poets to Poets [Interactive video archive, watch poets]

Ted Scheu that Poetry Guy [Vermont poet]

Poetry Foundation [Learn - Children's Page]

Poetry Foundation [Poetry - Children's Page]

Poetry Zone [From the UK, a place where they show children's works of poetry]




Poetry Forms -

Nursery Rhyme - Traditional poems or songs for children that originated in the late 18th early 19th century.

Acrostic - The first [last or other] letters of each line form a new word.

Haiku - Originated in Japan, this form has 3 lines, with 5-7-5 syllables. Haikus are written about nature.

Cinquain - Has 5 lines, each successive line has more words than the previous one, except the last line.

Concrete - A poem whose visual appearance matches the topic of the poem. Also called shape poetry.

Diamante - A diamond shaped poem made up of 7 lines using a set structure. More details.

Limericks - Silly poem with 5 lines. A A B B A format. A lines have 7-10 syllables, where B lines have 5-7 syllables. Edward Lear has great examples.


Poetry Ideas:

Imagery - read poems while students eyes are closed. Students should sketch the scene, a character, or a figure of speech

Rhyming - Display a rhyming poem, focus on rhyming words and their ending sound word families.

Partner Reading - Try You Read to Me, I'll Read to You series in pairs and recite.

Harvest Unique Words - Identify interesting words in the poem, define and reinforce usage of new and interesting words.

Synonyms & Antonyms - Expand vocabulary by substituting words in the poem.

Recording Artist - Practice speaking and listening skills by making recordings

Stanza Bonanza - Teach craft and structure by cutting out stanzas & have students re-create the poem like a puzzle.

We've Got the Beat - Explore meter, rhythm and the audible pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in a poem.


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Old Favorites - May need an Adobe Flash Plugin or to download an app. Some have become dead links, but I'm hoping that they will be revived.


Figurative Language Practice - Time 4 Kids flash card game

Prelutzky Poetry Engine Game
Giggle Poetry [the best poetry website for kids!]
Magnetic Poetry for Kids [online magnetic poetry]
Word Mover App [ download to your i-thing and create magnetic poetry!]
Instant Poetry Forms [Choose your format, plug in your words!]
Limericks [from Giggle Poetry]
Acrostic Poetry [online tool to make acrostic poems]
Concrete Poetry [put poems inside a fixed shape]
Shape Poetry [put poems inside a fixed shape]
Poets to Poets [interactive video archive, watch poets recite their work, and interact]
Six Word Memoirs [Compose creative captions for photographs-winners receive prizes]
Twitter + Poetry in 140 Characters [Twaiku]