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Library Schedule


Students will begin borrowing following our second library class. For the first few weeks books will be loaned for one week. Books may be renewed by bringing them to the library and scanned in as renewed. Please consider all library notices as "Friendly Reminders". Notices will be sent home bi-monthly for students and monthly for faculty. Sometimes the notices and the books don't make it in or out of the backpack and books get returned before your eyes read the notice. Send me a quick email, and I'm happy to double-check the shelves for you!

The current loan period as of October, 2019 is as follows:

PK = 1 book, to be enjoyed in the classroom

K & 1 = 1 book to take home for one week, may increase to two books as needed

2nd = 2 books to take home for one week

3rd - 6th = 3 books to take home for two weeks

Should you forget your book on library day, students are encouraged to select and save a book in the basket on my HOLD shelf. Students can return their book any day and swing by to check-out the one they saved. Best times for students to visit the library are at the start of the day, on their way to recess and right before dismissal. I can deliver books to their classroom if they come on the way to recess, so they don't have to go back before going outside.


Contact Mrs. Bryce or Mrs. Reilly to reserve the use of the Library Space - see the contact information below. The library use schedule is available on the OPALS Library Catalog home page.


Monday: Richardson, Underwood

Tuesday: Pratt, Oliveras

Wednesday: Anderson, Pirie, Carr

Thursday: Neckers, Ayers, Crosby

Friday: Esmay, Raboin, Frey

Fresh books may be borrowed any day of the week!


Students visit the library once each week to borrow books and are able to visit before school, after school, or during lunch/recess to get a fresh book. Our LNSU district librarians have compiled a curriculum based on the American Association of School Library's National Library Standards along with the Common Core State Standards. This curriculum is vertically aligned so we all deliver students to the middle school with a common set of information literacy skills.

Main Categories of Library Instructional Units

  • Location Skills
    • Parts of the Book - Fiction & Non-Fiction
  • Selection Skills
  • Search Skills & OPAC Tools for Technology
  • Research & Digital Reference
    • Citations & Plagiarism
    • Web Evaluation
    • Digital Citizenship
  • Genres - Fiction, Non-Fiction, Print Reference
  • Literacy Appreciation & Skills
  • Transferable Skills / Habits of Mind
  • Information Literacy
  • Financial Literacy