Green Mountain Tech Students Take the Podium at State Competitions

Green Mountain Tech Students Take the Podium at State Competitions

Students from Green Mountain Technology & Career Center (GMTCC) have once again demonstrated their hard-earned skills and commitment to the Tech Center curriculum at the annual Vermont-based Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) 2024 competitions. These competitions provide a platform for students across the state to showcase their abilities in various vocational fields, ranging from culinary arts to automotive technology.

GMTCC 2024 Awards

This year, GMTCC's young talents participated in a series of events that tested their expertise, innovation, and professionalism. Each student who participated represented GMTCC by bringing to the forefront the rigorous training and comprehensive education provided by Green Mountain Tech. The competitions also highlight the importance of career and technical education (CTE) in preparing students for high-demand careers across Vermont and in a dynamic global economy.

The final page of this release contains a full list of awards earned by GMTCC students at state CTSO competitions in 2024.

The enthusiasm among the students was easy to see and feel as they prepared under the guidance of the Tech Center’s experienced program instructors, who are experts in their respective fields. “Our students have worked incredibly hard, and the CTSO competitions provide a fantastic opportunity for them to step into the spotlight and shine,” said Erik Remmers, the Director of GMTCC. “These events not only challenge our students but also inspire and motivate them to reach new heights in their personal and professional growth.”

The Vermont CTSO, an integral part of the state's CTE system, is known for hosting competitions that mirror real-world challenges, thereby allowing students to apply their classroom knowledge in competitive and practical environments. Events are designed to foster the necessary skills for career readiness, including leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving. GMTCC’s participation not only underscores the center’s dedication to excellence in technical education but also emphasizes the role of CTSOs in enhancing student achievement and leadership.

Through their participation, GMTCC students not only gain invaluable experience but also have the opportunity to connect with industry professionals and peers from across Vermont, further enriching their educational journey and career prospects. This year's outstanding performances are a testament to the hard work of both students and faculty and a clear indicator of GMTCC’s role as a leader in career and technical education in Vermont.

2024 GMTCC Student Competition Placements:





Gold: Addison Spanier

Silver: Cora Chivington


Digital Cinema


Silver: Aster Watkevich & Jaxson Volansky


Advertising Design


Bronze: Jenna-Liv Elliott




Gold: Maddysin Holmes

Bronze: Gavin Stratton




Gold: Carter Friedrich

Silver: Shawn Miller

Bronze: Justin Lamell

Extemporaneous Speaking


Bronze: Arlo Bickford





International Business


Silver: Carrick Wright

Bronze: Victoria Shepard


Introduction to Marketing


Bronze: Sophia Camarra


Personal Finance


Bronze: Tucker Hunt

4th Place: John Griffiths


Introduction to Public Speaking


Bronze: Arlo Bickford


Introduction to Social Media Marketing


Gold: Arlo Bickford




Bronze: Carrick Wright

4th Place: Logan LaCoss




Bronze: Emma Rowell


Introduction to Event Planning


Gold: Arlo Bickford

Silver: Sophia Camarra


Impromptu Speaking


Gold: Tucker Hunt

Bronze: Alex Appleby


Intro. to Information Technology


Gold: Tara Sibenaller


Computer Problem Solving


Gold: Cayden McCoy

Silver: Alex Appleby

Bronze: Tucker Hunt

4th Place: Gian Criollo-Rivera

Cyber Security


Gold: Cayden McCoy

Silver: Calvin Morwood

Bronze: Alex Appleby

4th Place: Cayden McCoy

Networking Infrastructure


Gold: Alex Appleby

Silver: Gian Criollio-Rivera

Bronze: Cayden McCoy

4th Place: Tucker Hunt

Network Design


Gold: Gian Criollo-Rivera, Cayden McCoy, Calvin Morwood

Silver: Addison Hineman, Jaimen Lee, Jackson Richard

Bronze: Tucker Hunt, Logan LaCoss, Matt Kirk


Help Desk


John Griffiths





Behavioral Health


Gold: Kylee Fleming


CPR/First Aid


Gold: Baylie Christensen & Laura Aponte

Silver: Jessie Johnson & Kenique Josephs

Health Career Photography


Silver: Emma Albright


Mental Health Promotion


Gold: Ayden Laundry, Kyleigh Philip, Brooke Therrien


Nursing Assisting


Gold: Emma LaRock

Bronze: Connie Kourkoulis


Winter Forestry
1st Place: Team Event
1st Place Individual: Cyrus Tanner
Winter Dairy Foods
4th Place: Team Event
Fall Soils
4th Place: Team Event


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