Celebrating our Lamoille North 2023 Outstanding Teachers of the Year

Celebrating our Lamoille North 2023 Outstanding Teachers of the Year

On Tuesday, November 14th two amazing teachers from Johnson Elementary were celebrated alongside a host of other educational professionals at the 43rd Annual University of Vermont Outstanding Educator Day.  The evening saw over 100 individuals come together to appreciate each other and the daily work that goes into ensuring students feel safe, and cared for, and are given a great environment to learn and flourish.

Longtime stalwarts Dedra Dolan and Nick Lodge were recognized for their dedication to Johnson Elementary School and Lamoille North Supervisory Union.  Johnson Elementary School Principal David Manning shared the below messages about Dedra and Nick.

Dedra Dolan 2023 Outstanding Educator

Dedra Dolan - Kindergarten Teacher

Multiple generations of Johnson children have been fortunate enough to have Dedra as their teacher. Although her students learn to read, write, and count while in her class, the most important lessons she imparts to them are about how they can be part of a classroom and school community. Dedra's students learn to be kind to each other, to wait their turn, and to be respectful of each other. The great work she does every year makes the job of our first through sixth-grade teachers much easier.

Nick Lodge 2023 Outstanding Educator

Nick Lodge - 4th Grade Teacher

Nick creates a wonderful sense of community in his classroom every year. Beginning with the class constitution they create, all students and educators in the classroom have a voice as they grow together as a learning community throughout the year. Rather than sending students to the office for misbehavior, the class community processes these situations together using Restorative Practice circles. It is no surprise that years later many of his students still remember him as one of their favorite teachers.   

Please congratulate Dedra and Nick on this well-earned recognition of their great work at JES.  

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